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Pay Attention to These 5 Rummy Rules

There are some important rummy rules to which you must pay attention in order to be a consistent rummy winner. These rules revolve around pure and impure sequences and the composition of sets. They are also related to the validity of sets and sequences.

5 Rummy Rules to Pay Attention to:

  • Pure Sequence: While declaring a 13 card rummy game, one must form a pure sequence (i.e. sequence melded without the help of a joker). A pure sequence is made in the ascending order of same suit cards. At least 3 cards make a sequence. More than 3 cards can also be used.

  • Impure Sequence: An impure sequence is one that has been made with the help of a Joker. Cards of the same suit, arranged in a sequential ascending order, with a Joker Card substituting a card not possessed by the rummy cards player make an impure sequence. At least 3 cards are needed to form such a sequence. More cards can also be used.

  • Sets: A Set is made with same-value cards from different sets. E.g., 2 of Hearts, 2 of Diamonds, 2 of Clubs form a set. This implies that a set cannot be formed with more than 4 cards, as there are only 4 card signs. A minimum of 3 cards are needed to form a valid set. Sets can be formed with the help of Joker Cards.

  • Drop: When a rummy player chooses to leave a rummy game in the middle or at the start, it is known as a “drop”. A drop is the act of withdrawing from a game, by making a personal choice. A “first drop” makes a player suffer a loss of 10 points, a “middle drop” costs 30 points, while a “last drop” causes the highest point loss of 80 points.  A drop is not allowed when rummy is played as “best of 2” or “best of 3”.

  • Declaration: When a declaration is made with invalid sets and sequences, it becomes an invalid declaration. The one who makes such a declaration automatically loses the game and the opponent ends up as the winner. While playing online rummy, one must check their sequences and sets carefully before they click on the “Declaration” option.

Wrong Declaration:

  • Invalid Sets: It is very easy to make a valid set. In fact, it is quite difficult to form an invalid set! Putting together 3 or 4 same-value cards from the 4 different suits forms a valid set. Making a set with more than 4 cards is not practically possible when you are playing rummy online or offline with a single pack of 52 cards.

  • Invalid Sequences: An invalid sequence in Indian Rummy is one where the same-suit cards, even with the help of one or more joker, are not in a proper ascending order. For example, a sequence with 3 of Clubs, 4 of Clubs, Joker, 7 of Clubs is invalid. Here, if the joker acts as the 5 of Clubs, the 6 of Clubs is missing. In fact, the addition of the 7 of Clubs is totally unnecessary here, as it would have been a perfectly valid impure sequence otherwise.

If you pay attention to the abovementioned rules, you can confidently proceed to play real cash rummy with friends at your home or with experts.