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Why you should not share your success on social media, according to Sam ‘Mshengu’ Chabalala

Why you should not share your success on social media, according to Sam ‘Mshengu’ Chabalala

The businessman has alleged that ‘they’ killed his friends after failing to poison him in prison.

Mpumalanga businessman Sam ‘Mshengu’ Chabalala has warned his followers against sharing their success stories on social media as there were jealous people watching. In a lengthy social media post, Mshengu paid tribute to his “first” employee and friend Nkosinathi Emmanuel Ngcongo who was killed in a suspected hit, with two shots confirmed to his chest, and one to his head, earlier this month.

It was alleged that two men were seen entering the premises at around 6pm. One of the suspects produced a firearm, shot Ngcongo and disappeared. Later the same night the investigation led to the arrest of a 26-year-old man.

Mshengu alleged that “they” went for Ngcongo after failing to kill him in prison.

“I still can’t believe that you are no more, and what pains me most is that I didn’t make it to be on your funeral to say goodbye bafo, due to my health. They first started with me with food poisoning while I was in police custody and they come to kill you. May your soul rest in peace bafo,” he said.

He went on to thank his supporters and also slam those who pretended to be his friends but never showed up for him when he was in trouble with the law.

“I don’t blame them as they say, ‘when days are dark friends are few’.”

Mshengu further warned those who use social media to motivate followers to stop, claiming there were “jealous” people who watched the social media streets in search of those to destroy.

“Sadly our own black people are the ones that come after another black people to destroy them. But why, black people? My arrest is an act of jealousy! But all what I can say is even they arrest me they can’t arrest the grace in me, God’s plan shall never fail. Even Mandela was in jail for many years but still he became the president.” he said.

Read his full post below:

Chabalala is facing charges of corruption, illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition, illegal entry, departing and remaining in the borders of South Africa, and giving false information so as to be allowed to enter the country.

He is reportedly due back in court on November 22.

Most South Africans had never heard of the young millionaire until he became the face of a flashy convoy of supercars that travelled to the Durban July this year.

At the time, The Citizen reported that “Mshengu” was an Mpumalanga-based businessman who set tongues wagging after having the longest convoy at the event, boasting top-of-the-range cars, with many asking how he had made his money. Of the 72 cars, 10 were his.

Claiming to be born in Makwarela, Venda, he opened up on radio in July about his difficult upbringing and how he eventually made it in the logistics business.

He registered his company, Sam Holdings Trading, in 2014 and used his boss’ trucks to start his business.

“I got a contract even when I didn’t have a truck at the time. I took my boss’ trucks and registered them. I was getting a commission of R10 at the time. I worked for a long time and raised money to buy my own truck. I could make R300,000 a month with commission and salary at the time.”

He kept working and saving money until it got to R3 million. He used the money to buy three trucks and trailers cash.

“Now I have 52 trucks running on the road with machines and plant hire. That’s how I made my money. I’ve never been involved in anything illegal. I do transport with Eskom, but I’m also venturing into mining now with my own mine. It’s all my mind and planning and the mercy of God,” he said.